Really, candidates do not rest during the Christmas holidays!

Really, candidate do not rest during the Christmas holidays! Or, maybe more proper is that candidates do not let their assistants rest during the holidays(?)

Look who sent a message!

All candidates for elective national position for the upcoming May 2016 elections do not rest during the christmas holidays. At least that is the notion they want us to perceive.

If only we do not know that they have a bunch of assistants on their payroll that handle their Snapchat(?) Instagram(?) and most especially Facebook and Twitter accounts. Well.

And the first Tweet (perhaps, more) came from the north, that of vice-presidential hopeful, Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos, Jr.

Ha ha, the tweet ushers one to the website of the candidate’s quick signup form for volunteer opportunity.

How many more are coming, only time will tell.


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