As Vine say goodbye, Giphy welcome its stars and fanbase


Who will miss Vine?

Many, among them the Pinoy fanbase, and more.

This as Twitter already announced it will totally kill off the struggling short-form video sharing platform Vine in the coming months. It was brought about by the restructuring of the company which affected some 350 employees shown the entrance door to unemployment.

The social media tech news was carried fast and swift instantly. But it did not get raves of ohs and ahs from its users and fanbase.

So they vent their outrage, disappointment or disgruntlement through, where else, but Twitter.

Good enough, another like-minded service exists like Giphy. So users are switching their loyalty to the home of Gifs.

But long before the Twitter announcement, some of long time users and stars of Vine have already moved on to other sites or service.

Anyway, Twitter announced it is giving its users enough time to transfer their uploaded contents even as the site will remain live hosting the current and older contents only but no more new uploads.

And that is good enough. Or, is it?

So for now if you care to take a look at one of a sample Vine which gives user a max of 6 seconds footage to loop indefintely:


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