Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes

What’s new on Facebook? Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes.

The giant social network site is more intent than ever in sanitizing its unstoppable newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes, scams like deliberate false or untrue news stories.


But instead of reviewing content and determine on the accuracy, Facebook users will be handed the “power” to flag the item, delete the posts in their feeds or identify it as false news story.

Some of the hoax: “I declare all my Facebook photos are copyrighted …” “Free Southwest Flights …..”, “Bigfoot spotted ….”.

The annoying post will be getting the Facebook curse of limited distribution with an accompanying warning sign.

But bogus news or fake news labelled before hand by the poster will be out of radar. Satirical content or jokes intended to pun humor will be exempted from the new policy.

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