Watch Unboxing Deep Cool U PAL Notebook Fan

The U Pal deep cooling notebook fan.
The U Pal deep cooling notebook fan.

I ordered online a new notebook fan, actually, I ordered four.

The package has arrived. So come on join me here.

Welcome to Cbanga360 inMotion on this new installment of unboxing.

Im jumping right into this post with this most used line that not all things are meant to last. That is so true of my notebook fans.

After some years of productive use the built in or internal fan of my notebook or laptop stopped working. Without a cooling unit the computer become hot, and slows down much more when I am using graphics program.

So I bought a fan to cool down the notebook.

The first fan I bought was made by Logitech. It had single fan. And it didn’t take long before it died on me. Then i purchased another, that was a unit with a double fan by Targus. It lasted a few months longer and then conked out too. Both fans were powered through USB connection plugged into the notebook.

I next purchased a Vornado fan, a tiny one, which had to be powered by plugging in direct to electrical source. I could say it is worth the money I am still using it. I only have to clean it regularly for the clogged dust that accumulates. But even if it works silently I had to turn it off when I am recording using a microphone. The only let down with the vornado is that, it it is not mobile and handy.

This is why a handy notebook is a far cry from a sturdy desktop. The desktop has two reliable and dedicated fans. I am referring to my HP desktop which had an operating system of Windows 8 which I later upgraded to Windows 10. It is my workhorse when recording voice over tasks and editing videos.

But sometimes, I do edit videos with my notebook that is why I really need a better performing cooling fan.

Watch the video rendition on our official Cbanga360 inMotion channel on YouTube on this link: Unboxing U PAL Notebook cooler

[Video file fact: of “Unboxing U PAL Notebook Cooler”
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