Watch How to Plant Beautiful Mini Roses

We just planted beautiful mini roses, red and pinkish.

Here we share that experience so you may watch the video.

We encountered another blunder while filming the video.

Since we want to minimize the spill of potting soil on the working table, we used discard tabloids. It was only at the editing phase we saw the huge mistake.

The old newspages were littered with ads. We tried to use the smudge, erase and de-highlight option of our video editing software which was so okay. Only that it will take more time and tedious effort sanitizing the footage.

We opted for the most simple solution of just overlaying the frames left and right with notes and tip.

But that was not enough, we also resorted to the “pan and zoom” effect which almost wiped out the clarity, crisp and color of the footage, the rose lost its red color, almost becoming pinkish too.

We always learn the hard way. That is life, of course.

Anyway, watch how we did the editing on the video posted on our official Cbanga360 inMotion channel in YouTube on the link HERE..

Or watch it below:

[Video file fact of ā€œHow to plant beautiful mini rosesā€
Video: Streams (dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, look Ma, itā€™s great to watch on TV!) at 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec)
Audio: MPEG4 at 16 bit stereo @ 48 KHZ
Duration: 3 mins. & 45.13 secs
Total file size: 333,007 KB]


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