Villafuertes convert CamSur their political playground

Traditional political moro-moro (trapomo) is in full swing in the province of Camarines Sur.

Outgoing 3rd district congressman Luis R. Villafuerte, Sr. (extreme left) is gunning (again) for the position of governor of the premier Bicol province for the 2013 May local elections. And more of a confirmation of the long expected bout than a surprise, his grandson political neophyte Miguel Villafuerte (extreme right) is also running for the same post. The elder Villafuerte is in his 3rd and last term in the congress.

The gubernatorial post will be vacated by L-Ray (Luis Raymond) Villafuerte, Jr., (middle photo) now inelligble to run for the fourth term, who instead filed his candidacy for the 2nd congressional seat of the province.

Miguel’s grandmother, Nelly Favis Villafuerte, is running for a congressional seat in the 3rd district as well.

The political differences and squabbles of Luis and L-Ray is not a secret to observers and their constituents. It is well publicized and covered by the local media which spilled over the national broadsheets. Is it an orchestrated good cop bad cop approach?

The most recent public display of disagreement between father and son was highlighted on the tight issue of gerrymandering Camarines Sur into two provinces. The elder Villafuerte was the principal sponsor of HB 4820 in furthering the strength of alliance with third termer 4rth district congressman Arnulfo Fuentebella.

It must be recalled that Villafuerte Sr. was first appointed governor of CamSur by then president Corazon Aquino from 1986 up to 1992. Then elected for the same position for three consecutive terms from 1995 up to 2004.

Whatever outcome this coming election in the province, the palpable truth is that the constituents who are taking the scenarios lock, stock and barrel, are played with and well by the political clan. Another moro-moro for the books.

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3 thoughts on “Villafuertes convert CamSur their political playground”

  1. The Villafuertes have become the super heroes in Camarines Sur. It seems that there are no other ( better ) options for the Camarinensis ( CamSur ) for this May election….Dapat, ” An kwarta sa bulsa, an boto sa balota lalo dyan sa mga taga-San Pablo, Calabanga” hahaha.

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