Watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper report about chaos in Tacloban

Watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper report about chaos in Tacloban.

This is a video aired earlier than the interviews conducted by Christianne Amanpour with President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and Andrew Steven with Mar Roxas.

There is no telling a lie now, all these confirmed the ineptness on how the government side flip flops in handling the emergency situation.

Let’s take a look at the reaction of people who earlier watched the videos:

Thank you CNN for real and complete coverage of the devastation of the typhoon. Your are the only key to change the weakness of the Government of handling this type of situation. This is happening not just now, it happen every aftermath of a typhoon like ondoy, pablo, sendong the relief effort of the government is very slow. It seems they have no experience in handling this type of situation.

Another reaction came from an irked viewer:

This is a wake-up call to the Philippine government. It’s been FIVE days and still no sign of relief operations from the government? No sense of urgency at all! And on top of that, a certain Korina Sanchez of ABS-CBN is slamming Anderson Cooper for reporting the actual state of Tacloban City. Shame on you Korina for protecting your husband’s questionable reputation!

Read this one:

Rosamond Teves:
I am ashamed of our government. These people in Tacloban have lost so much and the least thing that our government can do is to give them aid. And yet all we hear are excuses.

Quite a mouthful here:

John Victor Cogal:
My Filipino Brothers. Why are you defending and making excuses for our government’s incompetence? When are you guys waking up? Every calamity especially when storms there is a term called Preparedness, and part of that is what we call Scenario Building. Being able to foresee the worst case scenario and prepare for that. If you guys are smart.

Donor countries can get an idea from this:

Kirsten Hoppins:
Thank you CNN I’m from Philippines. It was wise of you to donate less but send forces to help Filipinos. Philippine gov’t aren’t trustworthy when it comes to money better help the victims with goods. We are decieved by the filipino media to show to you that there are really progress where in fact there is very little . Better send it to organizations instead of handing it to the gov’t officials we wouldn’t want that donations handed to the filthy fuckin greedy officials! Thank you.

It was reported that Anderson’s Cooper report irked TV anchor Korina Sanchez, the wife of Secretary Mar Roxas. but take not of the tweet of Columnist and TV commentator Teodoro ‘Teddy’ Locsin Jr. Locsin tweeted: “Thank you Anderson Cooper for existing. Without you we would be in dreamland.”

Obviously, even the local news media are lying?


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