There’s a cure for lung cancer. It is in Cuba! And the West wants it.

False color scanning electron micrograph of a lung cancer cell dividing. Image credit- US National Institutes of Health.

Hallelujah! There’s a cure for lung cancer. It is in Cuba! And the West wants it.

Big pharmaceuticals ‘pretend’ to find the cure for cancer. Look around, in the domain of Fidel Castro, in Cuba, they have found the cure!

Reports said that for about 25 years, the communist Caribbean island-nation worked hard at developing a vaccine for lung cancer.

The good news is, the medicine was already developed as far back as 2011. The result of that endeavor came out in the form of CimaVax.

According to Cancer Research UK: “The vaccine targets a particular protein called epidermal growth factor (EGF). EGF occurs naturally in the body and signals to cells to grow and divide. It does this by attaching to a receptor protein on the cell surface. Some cancers make the body produce too much EGF so that the cells grow and divide uncontrollably.

The CimaVax vaccine is made up of two proteins, one of which is EGF. The vaccine works by stimulating the body’s immune response. It encourages the body to make antibodies that recognise and bind to EGF. This stops the EGF attaching to the receptors on cancer cells. So there is no signal telling the cancer cells to grow and divide. This slows the growth of the cancer.”

Now, the cheap vaccine CimaVax is administered free in Cuba.

With this development, western countries are too eager to get hold of the medicine and the technology behind its production.

Outside of Cuba, this means that when big pharmaceuticals get a good grasp of the Cimavax and the technology, knowledge, data, research, etc, reverse engineering, testing, renaming, production and of course patent(?)ing will make the new product expensive and only affordable to those with enough money who can afford.

Remember, big pharma wants you to be sick because it is more profitable for their operations.


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