Bicol Marks Billion-Peso Revenue on Tourism

Tourism industry in the Bicol region leaped a considerable improvement beginning last year when it ranked fourth overall compared to other regions of the country. For the first nine months of 2009, the region’s tourism industry surpassed the P1 billion mark in revenue already. It was estimated to have generated/ supported 2,126,107 jobs.

Thanks to the thousands of tourists who flocked to Legazpi city and surrounding towns during the eminent eruption of Mayon volcano in the last quarter of 2009. The whale shark (butanding) interaction and watching attraction in the area about Sorsogon province, particularly in Donsol town, also added to tourist count in the Bicol peninsula.

But more tourists, local and foreign, flocked to the Camarines Sur water sports complex (CWC) in Pili town and the prestine beaches in the islands of Caramoan fronting the Pacific ocean (now considered a better alternative than the overcrowded, unplanned Boracay in the south).  These three tourist destinations combined are now considered the pillar of tourism industry in the region.

The province of Camarines Sur has emerged the top and favorite destination for tourists nationwide, CamSur used to be one among the poorest local government of the country until the development of the CWC and beach resort facilities in 2005.

Both recreational facilities being owned and operated by the province,  CamSur is in company with the elite top ten richest provincial coffers  in the country. The advent of CWC also gave the province its hip, quick-shortname of CamSur. (Will make a separate post about CWC, later).

Meanwhile, the local government (of Calabanga) and the private sector need to exert effort at boosting municipal tourism with the enormous natural resources still untapped.  As a starter, I have brought forward a short name for the town, Cbanga. (Please pronounce as zee-bang-ga).

Come on voters, elect officials who will work and help the upliftment and well-being of constituents. Let people’s money work for the people. Photo above, of the islands of Cabgan and Kawit off the shores of San Miguel bay, courtesy of our cousin Tony.

(Wlll post a rejoinder on this on cbanga360 page in facebook).

Thanks to Sky Watch Team of Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia. See more skies on this link.   Skywatch Friday


13 thoughts on “Bicol Marks Billion-Peso Revenue on Tourism”

  1. Count me in! I was there last holy week, we were in Daet and surf at Bagasbas and explored Canimog Island.
    But I thing that I would like to suggest to the Bicolanos or to the people of Daet, that to make the service a bit faster, they’re so slow. We ordered food in two different restaurant and we’re not satisfied with the service. But we really like the place.

  2. aloha,

    and happy earth day, beautiful island views

    on another note, if your interested in a different challenge come and visit my post on the sari blog

    hope you can join.


  3. Really beautiful! I hope for the tourism development of CAMSUR and its surroundings. However, the people should also be conscious enough to balance its effects on the environment and natural resources to sustain it.

    My skywatch is here.

  4. NB: Reposting comment made by David of Planet Naga on (instead of importing):

    David, May 4, 2010 4:07 PM

    This is a good for us Bicolano.Because we can proudly present our beautiful place here in Cam Sur. So you be better watch out and have fun.

    Planet Bicol

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