Duterte wants Marawi conflict to end before his second SONA

 President Rodrigo Duterte at the 10th Listing Anniversary of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.
President Rodrigo Duterte at the 10th Listing Anniversary of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.

Wanting to be at the Batasan Complex for his second State of the Nation Address free of the Marawi conflict baggage, President Duterte expressed his wishful command to end it sooner between 10 to 15 days.

During his personal appearance gracing the 10th anniversary listing of the Phoenix Petroleum at the Philippine Stock Exchange in Makati, Duterte said he want to visit the conflict-torn city of Marawi before the fighting ends.

The chief executive faults the slow effort of clearing the city to the Maute militants due the volume of their stockpiled arms.

“Hindi lang kasi ba’t nahirapan tayo, we knew that they were sorts, nandoon na lahat. But ang hindi ko talaga alam at baka si ano hindi din talaga namin — na-miss ano namin is — karami ng armas. Hindi maubusan. This is the 45th, 46th day? Hindi maubus-ubos ang — lalo na ‘yung grenades,” the President noted in a clueless tone.

“Gusto kong pumunta doon, ‘yung hindi naman ako maipasubo ng sundalo na really, basta ilayo lang ako nang kaunti, basta I want to be there while there is still fighting so that I can observe. But I’ll try to make it again, this week tignan ko kung… But palagay ko, 10 to 15 days okay na,” Duterte said

Duterte sulkingly said, “That’s why I’m not in really in — in what my usual equanimity. Kasi alam mo kung bakit? You want to know the truth? Kasi ako ‘yung nag-declare ng martial law. And I was the one who ordered the Armed Forces and the police to go there and fight and die. Kaya gusto ko talagang pumunta doon.”

Still Duterte said “So ‘yan ang ano ko. I hope that things can… I need about 15 more days.”

His previous attempts to visit the conflict zone were never pushed through.

The latest was last Friday but the plan was scrapped blaming it to bad weather conditions. (With PNA report)







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