Will Roxas or Poe cancel candidacy to forge a coalition win?


Will Roxas or Poe cancel candidacy to forge a coalition win?

Is there a last minute looming coalition between presidential candidates, former front runner Grace Poe of independent Partido Galing at Puso and Mar Roxas of the ruling Liberal Party? Who will offer self as sacrtifice?

Will one of the candidates back track from the candidacy and give way so supporters can gravitate to a single candidate to consolidate a win?

These are only two of the salient questions on our mind after the President of the Philippines (POTP) himself urged the two presidential hopefuls, among others, to unite.

On Friday, President Benigno S. Aquino III called on voters to convince their presidential candidates to unite against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who he said may be a “threat to democracy.”

In an exclusive interview with Inquirer editors and reporters in Malacañang,

The president said that voters should “Talk to your principals and say we need to see a demonstration of country before self.”

A few hours after the interview, LP standard bearer Mar Roxas held a press conference. He called on
Senator Grace Poe
to meet with him, implying that “decent” leaders should sacrifice their political careers to thwart a “looming dictatorship.”

Aquino pointed out that since Duterte commands a 30 percent lead in a survey, if all other candidates forge a unity move the 70 percent total support for the remaining four other cnadidates will spell victory.

The POTP considers that any two of the candidates who unite will command a 40 percent lead, enough to defeat the 30 percent.

Meanwhile, the last Social Weather Survey results showed 33 percent of voters preferred Duterte. Behind the tough talking mayor are Poe with 22 percent, Roxas with 20 percent, Binay with 13 percent and Santiago with two percent.

Watch as POTP elaborates his opinion below:

  • Will Roxas or Poe cancel candidacy to forge a coalition win?


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