Facebook shares hoax on alleged burning of Christian churches in India

smileredunhappyUsers of the Facebook ecosystem once more get affronted with not one, but many fake news on a daily basis.

Currently being tossed (read shared) by some is this hoax about the Christian churches being burned or set to be put on fire in India. Yes, Facebook allows the sharing of a hoax on alleged burning of Christian churches in India.

One variation of this appeal message said:

Urgent prayer request.”Pray for the Church in India. Buddhist extremists in India burned down 20 churches last night.Tonight want to destroy, more than 200 churches in Olisabang province.They want to kill 200 missionaries within the next 24 hours.All Christians are hiding in villages…. Pray for them and send this message to all Christians you know.Ask God to have mercy on our brothers and sisters in India. “When you receive this message, please urgently send it to other people.Please pray 4 the 22 Christian Missionary families sentenced 2 be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan. Pls PASS this as fast as u can so that many will pray!!!

Many fall prey without fact checking the veracity of the message or the source.

Here’s one who shared but fact checked later and made a “mea culpa.”

India with an estimated population of 1.293 billion up until 2016 is composed of 29 states (not province) and 7 union territories. It is host to various religions which include Hinduism (79.8% of the total population), Buddhism (0.7%), Jainism (0.45%), Sikhism (1.7%), Zoroastrianism, Christianity (2.3%), Islam (14.2%). Others (0.9%). One of our source says that Christians compose 6% of the population.

Altogether, the Christian churches in India, one very notable is that of the Catholic, is experiencing growth in that part of the world.

It is true there is a prevailing perceived “persecution” of the Christian churches fueled with the belief that ‘being Indian’ should mean ‘being Hindu.’ But the “Buddhist attacks on churches and targeting of Christians” is totally untrue.

While prayer for missionaries and the locals in India is a welcome response, yet the hysterical approach of ‘urgent appeal’ on facebook is a desperate attempt of opportunist netizens for clickbait (instant click and sharing of message through a false sense of engagement.)


One thought on “Facebook shares hoax on alleged burning of Christian churches in India”

  1. Are you as a Muslim or christian facing this kind of ethnic cleansing in India?
    If not why are you defaming India and hindus. Why there is paid negative propaganda to defame India and Hindus. Who is paying for this propaganda more importantly. Meanwhile nobody gives attention to real ethnic cleansing these days happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Christians countries meanwhile are quietly funding anti India activities in India.

    Declining Hindu population in Bangladesh region
    Year Percentage (%)
    1901 33.00
    1911 31.50
    1921 30.60
    1931 29.40
    1941 28.00
    1951 22.05
    1961 18.50
    1974 13.50
    1981 12.13
    1991 10.51
    2001 9.20
    2011 8.96

    Source: Census of India 1901-1941, Census of East Pakistan 1951-1961, Bangladesh Government Census 1974-2011 [6][7][8] [9]

    The record of Pakistan is even worst. 1950 p 22% hindu in 1991 1.8% hindu were left.

    In India the muslims population is growing and muslims are becoming prosperous they enjoy all kinds of positions of power in India. This is fact . Muslims have habbit of propaganda and this Hzt Tipu Sultan page and silmilar pages are propaganda pages run by Pakistanis.

    If not then you are doing propganda , there is no real threat to msulims or any minority in India.

    Infact there is threat to India and hindus from foreign funding that comes to christians in India.

    how foreign funding is spreading hatred inside india using media
    [http://economictimes.indiatimes. com/news/politics-and-nation/christian-ngo-tops-list-of-foreign-funding-recipients/articleshow/57727649.cms]

    Dont we know why there is Persecution of Hindu Gurus Who Challenge Hinduphobia. COngress party is the enemy of hindus and joins hands with foriegn powers who want to weaken India.

    Dont we know now why hindu terrroism and safrron terrorism is suddenly being promoted by congress and their paid media partners.

    The Truth about Church Attacks in India: Watch video link opens new page.

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