DOH Bicol regional office dispatch medical team to Tacloban City

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The Department of Health Bicol regional office on Tuesday sent a 26-man medical team to assist in the disaster response operation in the super typhoon “Yolanda”-devastated Tacloban City, a DOH officer said Wednesday.

On Monday night, a group of medical personnel led Dr. Gloria Balboa, DOH regional director, also left for Tacloban City via the Matnog port in Sorsogon, according to Jaime Guerrero, DOH regional spokesperson.

The Tuesday team is composed of doctors, nurses, sanitary engineers, social workers, embalmers and medical aides.

The delegation brought along a water tank, medical supplies, medicines, water and sanitation equipment, hygiene kits and tents.

Guerrero said the team will render medical services in its destination for an initial of 10 days, depending on the medical service requirements it needs to perform in the area.

While performing humanitarian service, the medical mission will also put up a 100-square-foot tent hospital and a small tent to accommodate people needing medical attention.

DOH social workers will also conduct psychosocial services to the disaster survivors.

The group will also distribute water containers and hygiene kits for women containing lady’s underwear, sanitary napkin, tooth brush, tooth paste and soap, Guerrero said. (PNA)

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