Amalia Fuentes’ daughter Leizl Martinez dies of cancer at 47

Former child actress Leizl Martinez died peacefully at 6:35 am yesterday, witnessed by her loving family, including her mother Amalia Fuentes. She courageously fought but finally lost her final bout with cancer.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with a Stage 3 breast cancer and had a mastectomy coupled with successive chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Later in 2011, her ailment spread over to her lung.

The only daughter of former Philippine movie queen Amalia Fuentes passed away yesterday. Photo above courtesy of the facebook page of Leizl Martinez.

Leizl who will celebrate her 47th birthday on March 27, is the wife of actor Albert Marintez whom she leave behind two daughters and a son. Her estranged father is former matinee idol Romeo Vazquez. Amalia Fuentes Muhlach was born in Naga city and her family hails from Camarines Sur.


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