Pilar and Rapu-Rapu Tops 2008 Collection of Toll and Business Tax

Four Bicol towns beefed up their coffers in 2008 with local earnings from toll fees for a total of P5,733,295. The busy port of Pilar (SOR) earned P4,856,943.00; Mercedes (CAN) P430,860.00; Aroroy (MAS) P382,808.00; and, Balatan (CAS) P62,685.

In 2008, 106 Bicol towns collected business tax in the total amount of P45,516,080. Rapu-Rapu of Albay province topped the ranking with an earning of P14,585,151; Daet (CAN) P11,550,642; Pili (CAS) P8,357,679; Virac (CAT) P6,493,543; Aroroy (MAS) P4,009,968; Guinobatan (ALB) P3,382,494; Camalig (ALB) P3,048,655; Nabua (CAS)P2,867,000; Goa (CAS) P2,822,819; Tiwi (ALB) P2,722,446; Sipocot (CAS) P2,323,000; Milaor (CAS) P2,281,891; Labo (CAN) P2,279,806; Polangui (ALB) P2,143,674; Bulan (SOR) P2,112,076.

Below is the complete list of  towns that earned  between one million pesos but not higher than two million pesos:

  • LGU Province Amount
    Santo Domingo ALB 1,966,247
    Calabanga CAS 1,762,000
    Pasacao CAS 1,563,695
    Paracale CAN 1,506,613
    Gubat SOR 1,496,721
    Tigaon CAS 1,445,000
    Santa Elena CAN 1,343,962
    Libmanan CAS 1,229,007
    Jose Panganiban CAN 1,224,480
    Malinao ALB 1,169,480
    Milagros MAS 1,131,724
    Baao CAS 1,054,000
    San Andres CAT 1,050,491

This next listing include municipal local government units which earned between P979,218 (Cataingan-MAS) and P203,699 (Sta. Magdalena-SOR):

  • LGU Province Amount
    Cataingan MAS 979,218
    Mercedes CAN 953,149
    Buhi CAS 939,000
    Irosin SOR 891,107
    Tinambac CAS 787,000
    Pio Duran ALB 753,470
    Bacacay ALB 728,844
    Mobo MAS 712,271
    Oas ALB 711,452
    Canaman CAS 709,735
    Ragay CAS 694,122
    Magarao CAS 676,796
    Talisay CAN 630,118
    Dimasalang MAS 622,957
    Uson MAS 619,956
    Placer MAS 610,676
    Bula CAS 586,908
    Capalonga CAN 577,623
    Cawayan MAS 521,277
    Pilar SOR 490,700
    Camaligan CAS 484,183
    Libon ALB 480,569
    Viga CAT 462,478
    Del Gallego CAS 459,332
    Daraga ALB 445,327
    Bato CAT 432,160
    Bulusan SOR 402,416
    Bato CAS 394,734
    Ocampo CAS 386,027
    Caramoan CAS 381,000
    San Jose CAS 376,000
    Donsol SOR 372,390
    Basud CAN 345,816
    Vinzons CAN 340,647
    Castilla SOR 337,594
    Pamplona CAS 334,629
    Palanas MAS 324,836
    Lagonoy CAS 315,000
    Baleno MAS 306,806
    San Fernando CAS 303,224
    Minalabac CAS 295,066
    Balatan CAS 290,805
    San Fernando MAS 290,735
    Magallanes SOR 271,942
    Baras CAT 268,596
    Caramoran CAT 263,258
    Matnog SOR 248,741
    Malilipot ALB 248,694
    San Miguel CAT 246,214
    Cabusao CAS 220,876
    Pio V. Corpuz MAS 212,708
    Sta. Magdalena SOR 203,699

The last batch of towns which earned from P199,322.00 (Juban-SOR) and below:

  • LGU Province Amount
    Juban SOR 199,322
    Lupi CAS 187,232
    Jovellar ALB 180,447
    Claveria MAS 180,129
    San Vicente CAN 179,089
    Panganiban CAT 177,308
    Bagamanoc CAT 157,771
    Batuan MAS 137,360
    Balud MAS 135,966
    Mandaon MAS 117,564
    Pandan CAT 115,523
    San Lorenzo Ruiz (Imelda) CAN 112,645
    San Jacinto MAS 104,605
    Barcelona SOR 98,148
    Manito ALB 87,364
    Presentacion CAS 72,124
    Prieto Diaz SOR 69,302
    Garchitorena CAS 64,968
    Bombon CAS 59,342
    Gigmoto CAT 50,531
    Sagnay CAS 39,882
    Esperanza MAS 38,381
    Monreal MAS 31,590
    San Pascual MAS 17,520
    Casiguran SOR 13,424
    Gainza CAS 2,244
    Siruma CAS 0

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