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Petron cuts back price of petroleum products Monday

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Published         18 Jan , 2015      3:44 pm          514 views.

Petron cuts back price of petroleum products Monday


MANILA, Jan. 19 — On Monday, the Petron Corporation will effect a cut back on prices of its petroleum products by more than one peso.

The company will reduce P1.25 per liter on gasoline brand Blaze 100, Euro 4, XCS, Xtra Advance and Super Xtra.

The diesel brands of Turbo Diesel and DieselMax will reduce by P1.45 per liter.

Petron’s kerosene product price will cut back with Php 1.25. per liter.

According to the oil company the price cuts reflected movements in international markets.

Early in the week, oil recovered by a few points in international stock markets, before tumbling again in the later part of the week.


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