Fusion of Filipino-Chinese culture shines in Albay’s Fiesta Tsinoy

LEGAZPI CITY, Feb. 21 — The Filipino-Chinese community and the Albayano culture and traditions blended during the Fiesta Tsinoy Chinese Lunar new year celebration on Thursday here, the first time ever.

Tourism department’s Bicol regional director Ma. Nini-Ong Ravanilla, infused the Pastores Bicol in this year’s Fiesta Tsinoy new year celebration held in this city. Ravanilla’s ancestor came from Fujian, China,


The Pastores Bicol is a beautiful commemoration of Christmas, a musical re-enactment of the age-old nativity story introduced by the Spaniards here.

Pastores from Spanish word pastoras (shepherds) applies to both male and female wearing colorful indigenous attire, singing and dancing Christmas carols honoring Baby Jesus as the opening of the celebration here.

After showing the Albayano culture and traditions, the Filipino-Chinese younger generation also showed colorful and unique way of life in entertaining the community members and Albay local officials.

Ravanilla said the fiesta is a celebration of life, a time of revisiting the past, a time of renewal and a show of Tsinoys and Albayanos love for their respective culture and traditions.

Antonio S. Tan, fiesta chair and president of the Liberty Commercial Center said the event is a celebration of the cultural traditions, values and ideals revered by each and every Chinese-Filipino. (with Rhayds B. Barcia)

(hoto credit: JMMagdaso via facebook gov Salceda)


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