OFW from China possible cause of death was “Bird Flu”

MANILA, Feb. 23 — An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who have just returned from China dies with possible cause of “Bird Flu” infection, according to the Department of Health.

“The patient was considered a possible case of Avian Flu or Bird Flu,” said DOH Acting Secretary Janette L. Garin in a press briefing held at the DOH Media Relations Unit in Tayuman, Manila.

Garin said such conclusion was based on the symptoms shown by the patient, past progression of the illness, plus the history of travel from China coupled with a history of being exposed to live poultry.


She said that the patient worked as a musician in China for six years, who decided to return in the country because he felt that his family could better take care of him.

While the patient filled up the health declaration form, (the yellow paper) but did not truthfully answered the important questions regarding his health status.

The patient arrived in the country on Feb. 9 without any fever when he passed the thermal scanner at the airport.

“It is most likely that he was already aware that he was sick at that time and has fever but since he had taken medicine the fever subsided and therefore not detected,” Garin said.

On Feb. 10, the symptoms like cough, fever and severe abdominal pain started to be noticed by his close family members.

On Feb. 11, he sought consultation and came back to the hospital on the following day upon noticing the worsening condition, which lead to his death on Feb. 14.

“The patient was initially referred to DOH as possible case of MERSCoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus, however upon review of his case, Avian Flu was decided to be a more proximate findings,” the DOH Health Secretary further said.

She also said that as precautionary measure, the DOH gave prophylaxis using Tamiflu for one week period for those who had close contact with him.(PNA/ Leilani S. Junio)


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