A 34-kilo pearl found off Palawan waters maybe worth $100-M

Believed to be the biggest pearl ever found, it is 2.2 feet wide and 1 foot long. Photo credit: SWNS.

What do you do when you were entrusted with a huge pearl weighing 34 kilos and measures 2.2 feet in width and one foot long which could be the biggest in the world and a rare find?

Before your answer, read our story first.

City tourism officer of Puerto Princesa Aileen Cynthia Amurao bequathed a pearl entrusted to her for safekeeing by a relative to the city government.

Amuarao said the rare gem was entrusted to her which was supposedly harvested from the sea somewhere in Palawan by a relative fisherman about ten years ago. She did not say where nor identified the fisherman relative.

That time, the fisherman during a stormy weather near a reef got his boat anchor stucked with the giant clam.He had to swim to free the anchor and also took home the giant clam which to his surprise contains a huge pearl inside.

The fisherman’s family decided to keep the pearl which turned out to be a good luck charm. (Maybe the clam was consumed.) For ten years the family kept the pearl in their possession which increased in weight and dimension.

But when the family transferred to a new place for a second time, the pearl was left and entrusted to Amurao.

Not knowing what to do or without any ambition of withholding the gem, Amurao turned over the pearl to the care of the city government as she said she wanted it to REMAIN a property of Puerto Princesa City and Palawan.

Amurao said one of her goals in disclosing about the pearl is to look for someone, who can authenticate the gem.

“I am asking for help if there is anyone, who knows about a gemologist so this can be authenticated, or appraised. We want to have it certified,” she added.

The biggest certified pearl in the world, the Pearl of Allah, which was also found in the waters off Palawan in 1994, was exhibited at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium in New York which is valued at $35 million.

Another pearl found in Palawan, named Palawan Princess, weighs 5 pounds with a US $400,000 tag price.


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