Palace insists MRT, LRT fare increase means better service

MANILA, Jan. 7 — The Palace insists MRT, LRT fare increase means better service and new facilities.

On Tuesday, Malacanang appealed for more patience from the public, saying the increase in MRT and LRT fares would mean better services and facilities.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. laid out the projects to be carried out for the improvement of the MRT and LRT and their corresponding timetables.


Also part of the project, Coloma said, is the upgrade of the MRT’s ancillary systems, such as the power substations, depot facilities for parking, the construction of the North Avenue turn back and Taft Avenue pocket track extension, the upgrade of the signaling system, the overhaul of 25 light rail vehicles and traction motors, and the installation of a new radio communications system.

The MRT and LRT fares on Sunday were raised by 50 percent to 87 percent. The new base fare is P11, with an additional P1 for every kilometer. End-to-end fare for MRT 3 increased from P15 to P28.

The fares for LRT 1 were raised from P20 to P30 for single-journey tickets and to P29 for stored-value cards, while those for LRT 2 increased from P15 to P25 for single-journey tickets and to P24 for stored-value cards. (PNA)

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