Salceda offers cash reward VS gov’t employees lighting firecrakers


Albay governor Joey Salceda is giving a P1,000 cash reward to anybody who could furnish a video or photo, much better if accompanied by audio recording, of any provincial employee lighting firecraker on New Year’s eve. Identity of the “whistleblower” will also be kept confidential. “This is not a joke,” Salceda said, adding “zero casualty is a provincial goal.”

Three years ago, Salceda launched the implementation of provincial Green Christmas program.

Reinforcing its observance and success, the provincial chief has issued an executive order aimed at achieving zero casualty in welcoming the year 2014.

Salceda said any job order or contractual employee caught lighting firecrackers on New Year’s eve will be terminated from service while a permanent employee found doing so will receive a memo in his 201 File.

A reprimand also awaits barangay officials including committee head, volunteer security officers, secretary and treasurer found not following the order.

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