Balikbayan nurse OFW with MERS-COV virus is pregnant

Balikbayan nurse OFW with MERS-COV virus is pregnant

MANILA, Feb. 13 — The 32-year-old Filipino nurse positive with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) from Saudi Arabia is pregnant, the Department of Health disclosed Thursday.

DDOH said that because of her pregnancy she could not be subjected to X-ray. Previously she was given paracetamol for her fever.


Acting Secretary Garin said that utilizing x-ray is ruled out due to pregnancy but gave assurance the patient is currently under a stable condition.

“In case there is a need for antibiotics, amoxicillin is allowed,” she said. Garin disclosed that close monitoring is done including the condition of the baby.

The patient is quarantined at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Alabang, Muntinlupa . She earlier tested positive for MERSCoV as confirmed by DOH on Wednesday.

Garin cited that care is being given for the nurse who is on her second pregnancy.

Garin did not discount the possibility though that the baby can also be infected with MERS-CoV inside the womb. She admitted the probability of stillbirth may occur.

The nurse, who arrived from Saudi Arabia on Saudia Flight 860 last February 1 was the Philippines’ first recorded MERS-COV case.

The three series of testings to confirm the case was taken at RITM on February 10 with positive results. She is still positive with the virus based on sputum test. The treatment and monitoring will continue until a negative result predominate.

The patient’s husband and mother-in-law were also confined at the negative pressure room of RITM.

The DOH reported that it had tracked down 47 people, mostly relatives who were exposed to her, inclding those she had contact at a medical facility a day after her arrival.

The 47 have been tested for the virus, but the results are not yet available. A total of 63 co-passengers of the victim responded so far to the DOH call to submit themselves for observation and testing. (PNA)

Photo credit: Wikimedia_ MERS-CoV particles as seen by negative stain electron microscopy. Virions contain characteristic club-like projections emanating from the viral membrane.


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