Protected wildlife animals fall prey to Bicolano poachers

A live Philippine Hawk Eagle. Photo credit: Chris Angelo Perez, originally posted on Flickr, uploded on Wikimedia commons.

The Bicol office of the environment department in Legazpi will pursue the complaint against a wildlife hunter found in possession of a wounded Philippine Hawk Eagle in Mayon Volcano Natural Park in Sto. Domingo, Albay.

Forest officers reported that around noon of August 6th the team apprehended Tirso Bañares in possession of a wounded eagle as they pass over his bunkhouse in the course of monitoring the bush fire in the protected area.

The dying eagle was turned over to the Albay Park and Wildlife for immediate treatment but the veterinarian on duty was not able to save the bird due to blood loss.

An air gun believed to be used in shooting down the predator bird was confiscated by the authorities.

Meanwhile, a female turtle was found lifeless with stab wounds in her neck and a spear wound in the head in the afternoon of September 2nd off the shores of Sta. Magdalena town of Sorsogon.

The police report details the dead turtle was found floating in the sea at about 4:00 p.m. in Barangay 1, Poblacion by a village councilor who reported the incident to the municipal agriculture officer.

The turtle weighs about 150 kilos, four feet in length with a stainless metal tag with serial number 833195 and embedded note of “return to SPREP to PO Box. 240, APIA SAMOA.”


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