7 Bicol Island-Towns Has .21M Residents in 2010

Other than the two “big” island-provinces of Masbate and Catanduanes, there are several islands comprising 7 municipalities in the Bicol region.

The island of Burias, west of Albay province and slightly north northwest of Masbate main island, hosts the towns of San Pascual and Claveria. Ticao island, near north of Masbate, is slightly smaller but has four municipalities. All six local government units are under the province of Masbate. The islands of Agutaya and Rapu-rapu are grouped as the town of Rapu-rapu which are east of their mother province of Albay.

The municipality of San Pascual up the northern portion of Burias has a population of 44,753 while southeast is Claveria with 41,572. The population count of Ticao towns are as follows: San Jacinto, 27,974; Monreal, 25,366; San Fernando, 21,309; and Batuan, 13,764.

Rapu-rapu has 35,875 islanders.

These seven municipalites has a combined population of .21M or 210,613 per the official census conducted on May of 2010.

Worth noting, here, since on our discussion about : Population of 19 Towns is 4.48% of Bicol’s 5,42M. it would seem that the islands are more populated than the towns in the grouping first referred to. The seven town’s population is equivalent to 3.87% of the region’s total. Hmmnnn.

Delving deeper, the average population growth rate for reference years of between 1990-2010 for these 7 municipalities, arranged from the highest, are: Rapu-rapu, 1.55%; Monreal, 1.51%; San Pascual, 1.47%; Claveria 1.44%; Batuan, 1.35%; San Fernando, 1.16%; and, San Jacinto, 0.97%. The average growth rate for the seven towns is 1.35%. The region’s average is 1.65% compared to the Philippines which is 2.12%.

We are getting curious here, so we checked the population density which is derived by dividing the population count with the land area of the municipality. San Fernando town topped the list with 314 persons per square kilometers, followed by Batuan, 257; San Jacinto, 228; Claveria, 226; Rapu-rapu, 221; Monreal, 197; and San Pascual, 181.

Just wondering if the bucolic life, the serenity in the islands, the deprivation of basic services, facilities, necessities, and entertainment, etc, has got something to do with the increase or decrease in population here.

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