Harayo/Harani (Far/Near) By Raymond Roldan


By Raymond Roldan

Orog linaw an pagmate
sa mga dae nahihiling
Kun sa isip dae malilingwan
an kaogmahan na siring.

Ta ako naparayo saimo
sa rason dae pa masabi
Haloy nang panahon
kan ako minsan naparani.

Ako baya ta nagdulag
sa simong pagparaapud
Tanganging maabot gayod
harayo napaanod-anod.

Asin kadakol pang tataramon
an sakong nanunudan
Sa paglakaw, sa pagkamang
sa pagpondo, sa pagdalagan.

Garo man sana pinaghalean
an lugar na padumanan
Kun an puso mawawalat
sa lugar na mamomotan.



Editor’s Note:Below is a free English translation so non-Bicol readers can get an insight on the poet’s thought.

The feeling so clear (So clear is the feeling) / of (for) things that (I) can’t see / If in the mind (I) can not forget / the same happiness. /

Because I went (walked) away from you / for (but) the reason I can not yet say / It has been a long time / When I once came closer (close, near, nearer) /

I went away to escape / from your constant calling (calls, or from your incessant calls / (so that) To reach (attain) at least / Far (place) floating (without direction) /

And the many words (language) / I have learned / In walking, in crawling / in stopping, in running. /

As if the place (I) abandoned (leave) behind / (is the same) the place I went (destination) to / If the heart will be left behind / in the place that will be loved (cherished). /

Roland Raymond Roldan


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