The Bicol House Journal Debuts Monday

17 Apr , 2011  

On Monday, we revive The Bicol House Journal on the online pages of Cbanga360. It will follow the same attitude and aspiration in publishing literary content as before. Looking back we republish here the idealism and objective of the BHJ: The Bicol House Journal is a modest attempt at publishing an on-line anthology -in-progress as […]

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A Closer Look At A Calabangueño

13 Feb , 2011  

You only have to set foot on Calabanga’s heart (the ever commotion-packed Parada) in order to know its language. “Oatat ka man magmarat nin iwos?” a Calabangueño would ask you if you are a stranger. Several dialects would come rushing into your mind but not a single word from the sentence just uttered would equal that which you think you know.

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