Is it Fun in Bicol Philippines with Murders and Killings Unsolved?

Photo credit: A photo grab from Andrew Pagatpat, son of the victim. Andrew posted this photo in his account with the intention of having it shared in as many accounts as possible to reach the authorities which he challenged to act swiftly and bring justice to their family.
It is more fun in the Philippines. It is really more fun in Bicol, Philippines. But will it stay more fun with all the sporadic but high profile killings in the Bicol provinces, some begging to be solved?

This year alone, Bicolanos were summarily executed on separate occasions in Masbate, Albay and Camarines Sur. To specify few here:

On February 3, early this year, the body of devoted grade school teacher Loida Pagatpat, 51, was found at her classroom in Antipolo Elementary School in Palanas town of Masbate. The victim was shot by two armed men around 11:10 in the morning just after her students were dismissed for lunch break. She suffered mulitple gunshot wounds and left dead facedown on the floor lying on her own blood, with her legs wrapped on the teacher’s table a few inches from the blackboard (chalkboard).

Municipal bookkeeper Jesus Baguio, 59, was terminated with extreme prejudice by his assassin(s) in barangay Tunga, seven kilometers of Esperanza town, also of Masbate on October 5. The town is about 130 kilometerss and south of the capital city of Masbate. Baguio was allegedly believed to have sensitive information that led to the filing in January of dishonesty and grave misconduct charges over supposed irregular disbursement of funds for the construction of an “executive building” in the local government unit (LGU).

Former Makati city engineer Nelson B. Morales perished from gunshots on September 7 while walking at the Estancia Church grounds in Malinao after attending a wedding ceremony. He just went back to his hometown having been appointed Albay provincial chairman of the United Nationalist Alliance political party. Morales plan of running for town mayor in the May 2013 midterm elections against incumbent Mayor Billy Ceriola was shuttered.

The most current unfun event in the region is the assasination of Lupi town mayor Raul Matamorosa last October 27 in Naga city.

The family of Mrs. Pagatpat are still seeking for justice as of this writing. So with other victims of senseless killings that are going unabated.

Masbate province rose prominently in the consciousness of the nation as the cowboy country but more as the “murder capital of Bicol” based on the series of political killings on previous years. With the onset of the politics season, what can we expect from hereon? (

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