Watch interview of Sec Mar Roxas with CNN’s Andrew Steven

Watch interview of Sec Mar Roxas with CNN’s Andrew Steven. It is very interesting on this interview of Secretary Mar Roxas onsite, in Tacloban disaster area with CNN reporter Andrew Steven.

Pay attention on Steven’s inquiry regarding the bodies he pass by on the streets and the answer of Secretary Roxas. Who is lying?

There is no need to be defensive and evasive in answering the question. It is necessary to be straightforward, and tell the truth. Like what

President Aquino’s earlier interview with Christianne Amanpour, who did’nt answer her question but beat around the bush.

Already, it is an accepted fact that there was a breakdown in communication between the national and local government. So be it. Just continue with the distribution of relief items, food, clothing and more.

And hope that more humanitarian aid come from othe countries.

But while more humanitarian flights have landed and delivered relief items at Cebu-Mactan international airport, the task is to bring the items even to the remotest area that surely need it.

Like a teleserye unfolding so slowly, the same can be said with the delivery of the relief goods to the survivors, some have not eaten enough since the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda.


One thought on “Watch interview of Sec Mar Roxas with CNN’s Andrew Steven”

  1. What a SHAME! Mr. Roxas! WORDS OF WISDOM from him: “nothing’s fast enough in a situation like this.” =D LOL!

    Andrew Steven: Is the situation under control?
    Mar Roxas: Yes! I would say that it is etc etc….
    -Imagine a situation where from zero, no power,light,water,communication,nothing. You have to build the social infrastructure as well as the physical infrastructure etc etc….
    Andrew Steven: You knew that the storm was coming and we all knew etc. We knew that it is going to be perhaps one of the most intense storm we’ve ever seen.
    The President said on the day before the storm arrived that Manila stood by “READY TO SUPPORT EVERYONE”. From my view “I would say that did not happen quickly enough.
    Mar Roxas: Well as I have said nothing’s fast enough in a situation like this. (hahaha)
    Andrew Steven: Everyday I have been passing the same bodies on the street. And what I want to know is you are trying to reassure the people… the people are trying to live wherever they can… they’re still living next to decomposing bodies.

    Mar Roxas: Let me just correct that… they are not the same bodies… Everyday we pick up the bodies… etc etc…

    Andrew Steven: With respect i see the same ones…

    Mar Roxas: They might look the same because they have the same body bags… Hahaha I cant help but laugh!

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