Watch “Super Blue Blood Moon” captured on video

Three with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. One in between the line of “sight” of the celestial bodies may cause an eclipse.

The main celestial event last night was captured by our digital camera between 6PM and 7PM which is the source of the Youtube video on this post.

The digital record may have missed to capture the dramatic moonrise. Maybe, a camera designed for astrovideography would have made the difference. (We used a digital camera with a 10x optical zoom, 120x digital zoom; Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens (no filter) with SteadyShot image stabilization, using a tripod)

The “Super Blue Blood Moon,” yes, that is the correct reference of the occurence, was followed today with a “Super Blue Blood Moon lunar eclipse (on Wednesday, January 31st morning).

This year we will see four eclipses, two lunar and two solar, with a partial solar eclipse on the 15th of February, visible to residents in the southern tip of South America.

On the 27th of July, another lunar eclipse will happen.

The last eclipse of the year will be on August 11 where people from northern Europe and northeastern Asia may likely see.

The super eclipse that just happened today is “super” because the totality lasted for 1 hour and 16 minutes and 4 seconds. For the record, it is the longest after that which happened in April 15, 2014.

A blue moon occurs when there are two Full Moons within a month.

Another Blue Moon event will happen on March 2018.

It is “Bloody” since the core of the Eart’s umbra or dark inner shadow will have an outline of light. One can see sunlight from all of the sunrises and sunsets filtered into the shadow of the Earth toward the nearside of the Moon.

Watch the video on this link HERE

Or, watch it below:

(Video file fact: of “Super Blue Blood Moon of January 30th, 2018″
Video: Streams (dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!) at 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec
Audio: MPEG4 at 16 bits @ 48 KHZ
Duration: 22:09 minutes
Total Number of frames: 39,722.24
Total file size: 1.89Gig
Background Music: Nightime Lullaby – The Cricket Song, scorefitter)


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