Drug-related, Extra judicial killing ends December 31st 2016, and reboots on January 1st, 2017

PNP chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa

Drug-related and extra judicial killing ends December 31st 2016, and reboots on January 1, 2017.

Yes. In the Philippines, under the leadership of ‘Punisher’ POTP Rodrigo Duterte, all national police operations with relation to drug-related and extra judicial killing by “viglantes” will officially terminate on December 31st 2016.

But “Double Barrel Alpha” or Operation Tokhang will reboot at exactly 12:01 AM of January 1, 2017.

So, there is no respite on the bloodletting of suspected and previously-marked illegal drug users and peddlers. There are 30 people killed daily in 167 days under the Duterte-Dela Rosa anti-drug operation tandem.

In fact, there will be nothing new, but perhaps more of the colorful talk from the president who seems to get full delight about the anti-drug crusade.

What is unfortunate in all these of course is the fact that the victims the whole world have seen so far are marginalized folks who became easy target of both police work and trigger-happy “vigilante” operations.

This week, a selected number of national police officers were amply rewarded by the President with cash bonuses from P400-K to as low as P50-K for job well done. National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa got the biggest slice of the reward pie.

Other star-rank officers in the PNP command group, regional and provincial directors and heads of national support units from the director to the chief of staff also received cash gifts above P100,000. Key officials with ranks of senior superintendent below received cash above P50,000.

A national daily quoted Dela Rosa in a speech during the Christmas party of police officers and their families in Camp Crame: “That’s how much he (President) supports the PNP. Love na love niya ang PNP kaya lahat tayo happy.”

But are the lower ranked policemen doing the dirty job will also get their bonus?

Most PNP members who carry out operations against drugs are junior officers and non-commissioned officers. Dela Rosa said that it is out of President Duterte’s budget if he would also give money to lower ranking police officers.

Malacanang sourced the reward money from the President’s intelligence funds.

Looking back, these was how the world got to see the end product of the past, almost six months of drug-related killings, 6,000 and counting. Or :

Another bonus video here:

H/T: Youtube, Inquirer


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