Calabanga Celebrates Town Fiesta

Church of Our Lady of La Porteria

On September 6 and 7, the townsfolk of Calabanga will celebrate the feast day of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria. The civil and religious heirarchy in the whole municipality closes ranks to celebrate as one the joyous occasion.

Everyone must be looking forward to a good weather, though.

Here, we share their messages, prayers and felicitations:

Message from the Honorable Evelyn S. Yu,
Municipal Mayor,
Municipality of Calabanga

We will be witnesses to two grand Marian Celebrations this coming September- The feast day of the Nativity of Our Lady of La Porteria- to mark our 261st town fiesta on September 8, and the culmination of our 300 years of our devotion to our Ina, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, patrona kan Kabikolan on September 17 and 18.

These twin Marian Celebrations while essentially religious in character should also lead us to intenalize our Christian faith- a faith which should lead us to those in need, always seeking the good of others, for it is in giving that we receive, and in loving our neighbors that we are really loved.

“Nothing can please Jesus more to see us honoring, celebrating and loving His mother”.

On her birth anniversary, let us therefore turn to her to express our love; to pay her honor and to homage at her altar; to imitate her virtues and seek her intercession in turning to Jesus for help and to remind to be concerned with those in need.

May we all have a peaceful, meaningful and grace-filled fiesta celebration.

Message from Mrs. Zenaida T. Bonete,
Parish Pastoral Council

Throughout the many periods in our beloved Calabanga’s illustrious history we as community have been sustained by faith. Crucial and central to our faith is our devotion to our patroness, Nuestra Señora dela Porteria. Our devotion to her has grown over the years and in turn we have grown in faith. With each passing year our faith deepened as our devotion enrich us.

Now that we celebrate the 261st town fiesta of Calabanga we also celebrate the gifts we have reaped from faith and the blessings given to us by God through our special relationship with our Ina. As a Community we have been truly blessed to have a constant special interaction with our Lady as well as rooted and beautifully expressed faith.

Although the glamour, reward and true value of faith and devotion are not measured in money, property and other material possessions it weighs more and means more to us than material things. These has been no deterioration of our values, no corruption of our spirit and no decline of our community, all these can be attributed to our faith and at its center is our devotion to our Ina.

As we celebrate this momentous event let us not forget that the prosperity and development we have attained as a community is due in part to our faith. Let us share our blessings granted to us because of our faith and continue to remain devoted to our Patroness Nuestra Señora dela Porteria.

‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen’

Let us share in the gifts of faith particularly the hope of a better Calabanga not only in the material sense but also in morality, spiritually and values.

Message from Rev. Fr. Antonio P. De los Santos,
Parish Priest,
Our Lady of La Porteria Parish

On the 261st feast of our Blessed Mother – Nuestra Señora
de la Porteria- we raise our voices to proclaim the gift of our devotion to her. this is our gesture of thanksgiving and praise to God our Father for entrusting our Lady of La Porteria for ever guiding and protecting our Parish and Municipality all these years from all evils and dangers that could separate us from one another as her children.

Again, we put our confidence in our Inang La Porteria to intercede for us to become faithful disciples of her Son Jesus our Lord!

May Her feastday and birthday foster among us unity, peace and love!

Kamurawayan sa Dios!

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