ALECO: A call for legal assistance


by Oliver O. Olaybal

All Albay lawyers are requested to provide legal assistance to their fellow member-consumers in Aleco.

Aleco needs your help. A group of unelected individuals have subcontracted the franchise operations of Aleco without the consent of Aleco member-consumers, and without the approval of congress affecting transfer of franchise operations.

The unelected group manipulated the transfer of beneficial ownership of the utility through corporate layering.

Cbanga360-The Bicol Street Journal is publishing this short article-appeal which was linked to the web site by Atty. Oliver O. Olaybal.

The group made it appear that a referendum was conducted for the entry of a concessionaire. Actually the voting was merely as consultative vote what rehabilitation concept to pursue, but not to ratify the entry of a concessionaire.

The resulting lease contract was not approved by the majority member-consumers of Aleco, as required under PD 269.

The concessionaire subsequently created APEC to operate the franchise of Aleco, also without the approval of congress, and without the approval of the majority member-consumers of Aleco.

The whole arrangement was supposedly intended to respond to Aleco’s under capitalization in the amount of four billion pesos, but no such capital infusion was made, and this has resulted in blackouts or power outrage now enveloping portions of the coverage area of the utility.

Your assistance is requested, to prevent further damage to the utility.

Please coordinate with Benjamin Santiago through his Facebook account.


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