Here’s why it will be dangerous to cross over the South China Sea anytime soon

Woody Island, Paracels Group of Islands, South China Sea. Photo taken before the first deployment of Surface-to-Air-Missiles.

Here’s why it will be dangerous to cross over the South China Sea, and airspace anytime soon.

A western media reported Friday that China is planning to deploy more surface-to-air missiles in the South China Sea islands under its control.

An independent US media source disclosed that Beijing intends to go ahead with its plan of adding more surface-to-air missiles in the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea islands under its illegal occupation.

US intelligence agencies was quoted saying that Beijing will relocate CSA-6b and HQ-9 weapons from its temporary locations in the island province of Hainan to the disputed islands as reported by US-based Fox News media.

The report was sourced from US officials which based their conclusion from satellite imagery where the current weapons are located in Hainan.

Militarizing the South China sea, the Spratly islands and the Paracel islands will present a difficult and dangerous situation for countries involved in the dispute.

Freedom of navigation of the otherwise international waters and the airspace above it is a touchy issue. The area is a busy lane for ships and commercial airline flights.

Spratley and the Paracels are the subject of conflicting territorial claims between, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

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