Students Bring Christmas Cheers to Inmates

Colorful “star”-shaped lanterns of varying sizes made by inmates were unveiled in a program Sunday at the Albay provincial jail compound. The hand-made products were offered for sale to visitors and patrons, as Sunday is a regular visitation day for families, relatives and friends of detainees.

Part of the program was a mass celebrated by Catholic priests and seminarians of Mater Salutis Seminary from Sipi, Daraga town.

It was followed by a drama presentation “Kwadradong Buhay” (Square Life) from students of the colleges of arts & letters (CAL), and, speech & theater arts (STA) of the Bicol University (BU). The story tackles the touchy theme on the beginnings and reasons why an inmate finds himself inside the four corners of a prison cell, hence the square(d) life. The drama production is a prerequisite and part of a thesis presentation and defense of students of the colleges.

After the program the BU STA department head, thesis advisers, panel members of (thesis) defense, joined the inmates and their families in a picnic lunch offered by the students. It was their way of sharing an early Christmas cheer.

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  1. What a marvelous program! Hopefully it will make a difference in the lives of at least some of the inmates! Your photos are very colorful and lovely!

    Have a great week!


  2. Almost all the shopping mall in my place are ready for Christmas sale,anyway let’s us not forget the poor & bring them cheer.
    Wonderful photos & Thanks for visit of my world.

  3. Christmas is in the air! Here are positives thoughts for the inmates who certainly spent worthwhile time creating those lanterns, and their families.

  4. Those star shaped lanterns are beautiful, Japa. It sounds like a great programme, helping society to understand the reasons for some criminal behaviour and helping the inmates to have some connections with the outside world.

  5. Japa thanks for you visit and insightful comment. This is a very interesting post too, I hope that the visit and selling of decorations will be a step on the road to rehabilitation for some of the prisoners.

  6. Hi, I found you on the Best
    Post Of The Week site and thought I’d pay you a visit. What a wonderful, fascinating post and so colourful, the lanterns are very prtty. Nice to meet you.

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