Crime Rise in Camarines Sur Noted

Just when the province of Camarines Sur wants to show off its vast potential and current tourist attractions, there is a downside topping the peace and order situation per official record from the police provincial office.

The volume of recorded crimes committed in the province rose to 256 per cent or 294 cases in the first six months of the past year against 1,047 for the same half-year period, this year. These infractions include crimes committed at the barangay level with a penalty of imprisonment with less than a year. In the same light, there is an alarming increase of from 30 to 40 per cent on the crime volume with a penalty of one year and more incarceration in the province.

Index crimes like carnapping, murder, homicide, theft, cattle rustling, physical injuries, rape, and robbery reached 605 cases as compared to last year at 187. Minor law infractions considered as non-index crimes took a jump at 442 cases against last years’ 107.

The police agency has a low of 42.69 per cent in regards to crime solving effectiveness against 64.96 per cent last year. These statistics cover the thirty five municipalities and the city of Iriga. Senior supt. Jonathan Ablang is the current police provincial director of Camarines Sur.

Naga city’s crime index seemed to follow the provincial trend. For the first six months of the current year , the police department has already recorded 1,027 cases as compared to 1,861 cases for the whole year of 2009.

Meanwhile, the town of Calabanga may now have forgotten the unsolved murder, now a cold case, of elementary grades teacher Robina Mariscal, almost eight years ago, this July 13.

She was found hacked to death inside her classroom in Calabanga Central Division Pilot School the following day of the crime. Police theorized before that the hapless victim may have known the suspect. Justice has been waiting for too long for this crime to be solved as of this writing.

With the appointment of former Naga mayor Jesse Robredo to the helm of the Department of Interior and Local Government which includes the national police, can the people expect some positive and active change to the agency?


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