A New University in Town

There are arrivals and changes that are welcome but make drastic contrast in memories stored in our mind. Take for example the recent conversion of the Camarines Sur State Agriculltural College (CSSAC) into the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) system last October 12, this year.

The second state university in the province was a result of the merger of the chartered CSSAC in San Jose, town of Pili, the Calabanga Polytechnic College located in Ratay, Sta. Cruz, this town; the Bicol Institute of Science and Technology in Impig, Sipocot town and the CSSAC Pasacao extension campus in the town of Pasacao.

The Polytechnic College started as a small town high school known as Calabanga National School of Arts and Trades (CNSAT).

Two of my brothers call the school their Alma Mater. Those graduates of CNSAT takes pride having walked the halls of the old school; so with proud graduates of Poly school, now also non-existent. So when homecomings come, they will return to the renamed university campus carrying with them memories of their old school but in reality, the buildings and facilities will have different logos, colors and names now.

It will be a completely hollowed world to them; strange connecting to the current school when memories of old would keep on seeking familiar spots and nooks now gone. It could very well bring a pinch of pain for they are strangers in the new school.

On a brighter note, Partido State University located in Goa town is the first state university in Camarines Sur with seven campuses spread out in Goa, San Jose, Tigaon, Caramoan, Lagonoy, Sangay and Tinambac towns.

There are now seven (private and state) universities in the province which include the University of Nueva Caceres, Ateneo de Naga University and University of Sta. Isabel, all in the city of Naga; and University of Saint Anthony and University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP), both in Iriga city.

Calabanga may Unibersidad Na

May mga pag-abot na bukas an mga palad na gusto ta kaya lang may dakula na paghira sa nakatago na memorya sa isip. Halimbawa na lang an pagmukna kan CSSAC na magin CBSUA kan Oktubre 12 kan taon na ini.

An ika duwang pang estado na unibersidad sa provincia gikan sa pagsaro kan CSSAC sa San Jose, banwaan kan Pili, sa Politeknikong Kolehiyo kan Calabanga na yaon sa Ratay, Sta. Cruz , an Insitutsyon sa Siyensya asin Teknolohiya kan Bicol na duman man sa Impig, Sipocot asin an CSSAC-Pasacao ekstensiyon sa banwaan kan Pasacao.

An Kolehiyo Politekniko nagpoon sadit sana na eskuwelahan sa banwaan midbid sa dating Calabanga National School of Arts and Trades.

Duwa sa sakuyang mga tugang nagtapos digde. Idtong mga nagtapos nin high school sa lumang CNSAT orgolyo pa man ninda, an mga nagtapos sa Poletekniko ikinakaogma pa man ninda idto, ngonian mayo na. Kun kaya pag nag abot an pag-urulian, mabuwelta sinda sa pinangranan nin unibersidad dara an mga rekuerdo sa isip kan lumang eskuwelahan pero an totoo, an mga istruktura asin facilidades may iba nang senyales, kolor asin ngaran.

An aabutan ninda hinubaan na kan dati nindang nasa isip asin kumpletong iba na. Estranghero sinda na gustong magkonekta sa ngonian na institusyon minsan an memorya mangangalagkalag, maghahanap kan mga kinaagihan na lugar asin kanto na dai na. Dadarahan sinda nin sadit na kudot na malanit por que bako man sindang taga duman.

Sa ngonian, an Partido SU na yaon sa Goa an enot sa Camarines Sur na kumpuesto nin pitong campus sa banwaan kan Goa, San Jose, Tigaon, Caramoan, Sagnay asin Tinambac.

Igua na nin total na pito (pribado asin publiko) na unibersidades sa provincia kaiba an Unibersidad de Nueva Caceres, Unibersidad de Ateneo de Naga asin Unibersidad de Sta. Isabel, gabos sa ciudad nin Naga; Unibersidad kan San Antonio asin UNEP, pareho sa ciudad nin Iriga.

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