Latest count, 300 bodies and counting on Duterte’s drug war

Exhibit: POTP Rodrigo Duterte in an official video released by RTVM on July 7, 2016, showing off the piece of paper which he says identifies the three personalities behind in the operation of drug trafficking in the Philippines.

It is now thirty one days into the 6-year term of President of the Philippines (POTP) Rodrigo Duterte. The most brazing accomplishment that splattered the face of national news were the blood and lifeless bodies of suspected drug users and pushers in various parts of Metro Manila and elsewhere in the country.

This figure does not include drug dealers killed by vigilante groups and those working outside the law.

According to the foreign media, there were already over 300 killed in the anti-drug war by police authorities as results in “moving forward with the fight to curb the drug trade.” But the number do not include those killed by vigilantes through summary executions. Both are interesting active results to President Duterte’s order to his police force to “put behind bars or below ground” drug personalities.

More interesting though is that only the small frys are rounded up and some became part of the statistics in the campaign, despite wailing voices from human rights activists. But while the small frys are mostly “poor” and became easy target for summary executions by the still unidentified “vigilantes” not one big drug shark has ever been apprehended or brought to court.

But wait, the famous high profile police officers identified by the POTP are being afforded enough time to defend themselves.

During the 1st State of the Nation Address by the POTP, he reacted with extraordinary enthusiasm when photos of an alleged pusher who was summarily executed was used by media to accompany their news coverage.

I am referring to the almost iconic photo of the victim’s wife clutching the lifeless body of her husband in a still photo almost like the re-inactment of that religious Pieta scene (remember Mama Mary and the lifeless body of Jesus after having been taken off from the cross?) in a street in Pasay City.

So where can one find the photographs and more of these “alleged pushers?”

Follow the link as the “
Harrowing pictures show the brutal truth of the Philippines’ war on drugs that’s seen 300 killed in just one month after president ordered police to ‘put them behind bars or below ground’
” even as be aware that the pictures are too graphic to appreciate.

And here’s a vocal opinion of observers who have nothing to lose but in fact gain viewers:

  • Latest count, 300 bodies and counting on Duterte’s drug war


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