WATCH: About the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris

This is a short coverage about the fire that gutted much of the famous and historic Catholic cathedral in Paris.

Rebel Media reporter Martina Markota delivers a brief about the unfortunate incident of what happened on late Monday afternoon of April 15th.

Meanwhile, rebuilding the Notre-Dame is already on its way as efforts for fundraising gears up in France.

On Tuesday, it was reported that art and luxury goods mogul Francois-Henri Pinault offered to donate 100 million euros. Pinault is the husband of Salma Hayek.

The oil giant Total pledged to donate the same amount.

The owner of fashion brands Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Celine which is owned by the business group LVMH of the Arnault family said will donate twice the amount or two hundred million euros.

The latest update on the fundraising effort pegged the amount of pledges at €600 million within 24 hours. That was quick.

Meanwhile, a controversy sparked immediately as waning Buzzfeed news creates vile steer on the coverage well explained by Paul Joseph Watson, below:


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