Photo update on St. Peregrine Laziosi parish

Though it may seem a huge task, no task is too heavy when everybody would share in building one church. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.
The still unfinished Tontonan on the right side of the proposed church edifice. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.
The interior of current temporary church structure with G.I. sheet roofing without a ceiling. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.
Front facade of the current temporary structure. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.
Far left is the proposed St. Peregrine de Laziosi church, on the right is the still unfinished tontonan, and forefront-right, the temporary structure. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.
Outside, this is how the temporary church looks like, the back and right sides. Photo credit: Cbannga360 / Bob Adupe.

Photo update on St. Peregrine Laziosi parish and church. This a photo update about the parish of St. Peregrine de Laziosi located at barangay Sto. Domingo in the town of Calabanga. The parish is the “newest” and one among the six Catholic parishes in the town. Its pious Catholic community is continuously working hard at raising funds or otherwise, towards the construction of a permanent church structure.

For information and donations, interested parties may call cell #09276056069 or better still make an appointment for a visit to the office of Fr. Joseph Collada Olin, the first and current parish priest in his temporary residence at the barangay.

Previously, Cbanga360-The Bicol Street Journal ran a series of informative posts in past issues, one can read back with the links: here, The Humble Church of St. Peregrine Laziosi of Calabanga; here, St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Constructs Tontonan; here, More Notes on St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish; and, here. Archdiocese of Caceres Installs New Calabanga Parish.

The transformation is very slow. The orginal temporary structure which used to be topped with nipa roofing was replaced with G. I. (galvanized iron0 sheets. While nipa roof is fresher, with the current roofing system, the air is humid if not hot during church service despite the absence of solid walls on both old and current temporary buildings.

A few steps, away, beside the now-standing two-in-one church belfry and tontonan is the beginnings of a new permanent church. But it will take time, so much effort and money, to build and complete.

The parish of St. Peregrine serves the Catholic faithful of barangays of Balongay, Dominorog, Balatasan, Punta Tarawal, San Lucas and San Bernardino in the municipality of Calabanga. The barrios of Pagao (town of Bombon) and Carigsa (municpality of Magarao) are also part of the parish.

The villages/sitios of Dawis, Sta. Elena and Quidalagon are also within the jurisdiction of St. Peregrine. The parish has an approximate population of 8,956 residents.

Todate, there are six parishes in Calabanga ministering to the spiritual needs of the estimated 66,000 people (Catholics compose 90% of the 73,333 populace) of the town, which include another new parish in Binanuaanan Pequeno under the titular patron of the Black Nazarene and its first priest Fr. Rex Palaya; the parish of Holy Cross in Manguiring; the parish of Immaculate Concepcion in Quipayo; the parish of Divine Mercy in Paolbo; and the Vicariate and parish of Our Lady of Porteria.

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