New PNP chief reshuffle senior officials in key posts


MANILA – Newly-installed Philippine National Police Chief, Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, on Friday ordered a reorganization of senior officers occupying key positions in the PNP Command Group, Directorial Staff, Regional Police Offices and National Support Units.

”Upon my assumption today I have ordered a reorganization of senior officers occupying key positions in the PNP Command Group, Directorial Staff, Regional Police Offices and National Support Units,” he said.

He said that the reorganization followed the time-honored tradition in the police service that recognizes merit, seniority and competence in the selection process.

”I have designated three of my respected upperclassmen to compose the members of my Command Group because I know fully well that I will need their expertise in command management,” said Dela Rosa.

He noted that the newly reorganized Directorial Staff has been constituted to assist the Command Group in operational management of the different functions and activities of the PNP.

The PNP Chief said that some Regional Directors, meanwhile, had to be reassigned to other equally-important positions in different levels of command.

”I urge the entire 170,000 strong officers, men and women of the PNP to rally behind the newly reorganized Team PNP.

The reorganization was recommended by the Senior Officers Placement and Promotion Board (SOPPB) for immediate implementation by the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM).

Designated to new positions effective July 1 were:

•Deputy Director General Francisco A. Uyami – as Acting Deputy Chief for Administration;

•Director Benjamin B. Magalong – Officer-in-Charge, Deputy Chief for Operations;

•Chief Supt. Ramon C. Apolinario – Officer-in-Charge, Chief for Directorial Staff;

•Chief Supt. Fernando H. Mendez Jr. – Acting Director, Directorate for Personnel and Records Management;

•Chief Supt. Nestor F. Quinsay – Officer-in-Charge, Directorate for Intelligence;

•Chief Supt Camilo Pancratius P. Cascolan – Acting Director, Directorate for Operations;

•Chief Supt. Maria Victor DF Ramos – Acting Director, Directorate for Logistics;

•Chief Supt. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa – Acting Director, Directorate for Comptrollership;

•Chief Supt Augusto M. Marquez Jr. – Acting Director, Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management;

• Director Victor P. Deona –Acting Director, DIPO-Northern Luzon;

• Director Moro Virgilio M. Lazo – The Acting Director, DIPO-Visayas;

•Sr. Supt. Dionardo B. Carlos – Spokesperson/Officer-in-Charge, Chief PIO;

•Chief Supt. Oscar D. Albayalde – Acting RD, NCRPO;

Chief Supt. Gilbert C. Sosa – Acting RD, PRO 2;

•Chief Supt. Wilben M. Mayor – Acting RD, PRO 4B;

•Chief Supt. Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe – Acting RD, PRO 5;

•Chief Supt. Jose L. Gentiles – Acting RD, PRO 6;

•Chief Supt. Noli G. Taliño – Acting RD, PRO 7;

•Chief Supt. Elmer C. Beltejar – Acting RD, PRO 8;

•Chief Supt. Agripino G. Javier – Acting RD, PRO ARMM;

•Chief Supt. Elmo Francis O. Sarona – Acting RD, PRO COR;

•Sr. Supt. Roberto B. Fajardo – Acting DD, Northern Police District;

•Sr. Supt. Romulo E. Sapitula – Acting DD, Eastern Police District;

•Sr. Supt. Joel Napoleon M. Coronel – Acting DD, Manila Police District;

•Sr. Supt. Tomas C. Apolinario Jr. – Acting DD, Southern Police District;

•Sr. Supt Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar – Acting DD, Quezon City Police District;

•Chief Supt. Roel B. Obusan – Acting Director, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group;

•Chief Supt. Federico L. Dulay Jr. – Acting Director, Civil Security Group;

•Chief Supt. Benjamin M. Lusad – Acting Director, Special Action Force;

•Sr. Supt. Antonio N. Gardiola Jr – Acting Director, Highway Patrol Group;

•Sr. Supt. Ma. OR Aplasca – Acting Director, Aviation Security Group;

•Sr. Supt. Edmund A. Gonzales – Acting Director, Maritime Group;

•Sr. Supt. Charlo C. Collado – Acting Director, Intelligence Group;

•Sr. Supt Rene O. Aspera – Acting Director, Police Security Protection Group;

•Sr. Supt Gilbert DC Cruz – Acting Director, Police Community Relations Group;

•Sr. Supt. Manolo N. Ozaeta – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Kidnapping Group;

•Sr. Supt Albert Ignatius D. Ferro – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Illegal Drugs Group;

•Sr. Supt. Reczon Tito T. Acabado – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Cybercrime Group;

•Chief Supt. Lyndon G. Cubos – Acting Director, Finance Service;

•Chief Supt. Edwin C. Roque – Acting Director, Legal Service; and

•Chief Supt. Prudencio Tom T. Bañas – Acting Director, Police Retirement Benefit Service.

Dela Rosa said a regular assessment of the performance of the police commanders, from regional directors to town police chiefs would be conducted to determine if they still have to stay on the job.

  • New PNP chief reshuffle senior officials in key posts


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