Grumpy old men attend P-Noy’s nationwide Mamasapano address

smileredunhappyThis post is supposed to see the comic side of the news in pictures and never meant to offend. Hope so.

Our artist took a photograb of the video during the second address of President Benigno S. Aquino III in Malacanang, his message to the nation regarding the gruesome Mamasapano incident.

Earlier that week before the 7th of February, he wss thought to have been avoiding media coverage and cooling off from the brick bats that was brought about by the carnage of dozens of members of the elite Philippine National Police Special Action Force.

2015_0210_sleepy headsx

That murderous event will become known to be the last-ditch moments of the Fallen44.

So dispelling the rumors, he appeared on nationwide TV again on Saturday for the purpose.

Thus came the usual faces of heavyweights in Philippine politics and whatever, at least those thought to be close to the tenant of the Palace by the Pasig river.

Applying simple tweaks on the photo grab, and presto, we find old grumpy men fronting the seats laboriously, tenaciously and painfully sitting through the scripted speech of the president.

And boy! It seemed like the old guards are not convinced of what P-Noy was trying to impart. Either they differ in opinion of the speaker, too sleepy they would rather doze in the comfort of their homes, or they need a senior diaper change already!

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