OPAPP Sec. Deles appeals to ASEAN for support on Bangsamoro Law

CEBU, March 20 — Even the experts, or the learned among us sometimes “bark” on the wrong tree. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Secretary Teresita Deles appealed to ASEAN-member states for support on the Bangsamoro Law during the opening of the two-day workshop on “Strengthening Women’s Participation in Peace Processes and Conflict Resolution” at the Shangrila hotel in Mactan island, Lapulapu City the other day.


The lady secretary was totally in her postive mood, made an abiding appeal to the foreign representatives and leaders in government and private sector including the communities in their respective countries to stand in support of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process’ dream of the Bangsamoro.

She appealed to ASEAN delegates participating in the workshop in the belief that the visitor’s (foreigners) voices will help raise the consciousness of the Philippines to push forward, urging, intimidating the Filipinos to be one with the ASEAN and the world in embracing peace with might and passion.

The good secretary made the appeal as she knows very well the House of Representatives and the Senate’s kitchen where the butchers will do their thing for the complete dressing of the animal referred to as the BBL, after the tragedy of the January 27 Mamasapno massacre that left at least 67 people dead including the 44 PNP SAF commandos

The Mamasapano massacre has derailed the proposed law’s timetable that supposedly promised to conclusively shift the landscape of Mindanao from the bullets of MILF to the bullets of another Moro rebellious group, from conflict to another development of conflict, from marginalized poverty to another form of marginalzed poverty.

Deles said that the BBL was supposed to be on the Congressional plenaries already, but the honorable members of both Houses found it necessary to go ahead with their annual retreat and do penance for sins committed (by some) from the people (the bosses) thru the PDAF, the DAP, the kickbacks and all other forms of public funds misappropriations, etc., in time for the Holy Week. With that factor her GRP peace panel will move its target to June.

The one-sided dream of the peace chief floated swiftly on to the complete BBL passage in June as her panel will have to also move double time to a plebiscite for its ratification to the installation of a Bangsamoro Transition Authority. Her monotonous script favors the MILF more than the government, without her personally admitting that maybe she is an avid fan of the MILF.

Delez is more than a peace negotiator, as indeed, she wants to move in lighting speed that an election thereafter for the first regular Bangsamoro government simultaneous with the 2016 general elections will happen.

After her speech, the secretary got sober and returned to her normal mindset, admitted that ASEAN-member states do not really have any thing to do with the BBL and the foreigners giving all out support has a zero effect on the Filipino people’s negative perception of the proposed law. She should have seen her audience were preoccupied thinking other stuff.


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  1. The OPAPP and the peace panel are “suffering from a wanton excess of optimism.” They should start speaking for the country, not for the MILF., according to the final reportof the Senate on the Mamasapano massacre.

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