DOTr wants you to believe its transfer to Clark will decongest traffic in Metro Manila

smileredunhappyWe are being made to believe that the national offices and personnel of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) are moving out of its Quezon City headquarters with their assumption it will help decongest traffic in Metro Manila.

But is it really? Read on.

The department is set to fully transfer its main offices to Clark in the lamest reason that it is part of efforts to decongest traffic in Metro Manila and boost economic growth in the countryside.

It makes us reflect that maybe, there are too many employees working for the department that transferring them to Clark Airport, in Pampanga province, will help decongest traffic, really.

If that is so, maybe, DOTr is a department in the executive branch with the most number of over staffed employees. Could it be so much so huge it contributes to a good glaring percentage on the total of workers (in public and private sectors combined) making daily commute in the metro area from their homes to their respective work places?

So far, the plan has a green signal already. The transfer will go ahead by batches. The initial group coming from the offices of the Secretary, Undersecretaries, and Communications relocating to Clark moved first on July 28, 2017. The last group will be at Clark by the end of this year.

The department vouched that relocation will generate savings due to less rental and overhead costs in Clark. It stands to gain potential income from its units in Columbia Towers at Ortigas for lease. It claims it will earn about P9.3 million per year from the transfer.

But wait, check this out. The department will put up a shuttle service for its employees going to and from Clark. It will also implement flexible time and a four day work week schedule. Other than that, it is also considering to subsidize accommodations for its personnel.

Would you not wonder how much will this cost to the taxpayers’ money after all?

And consider also that many of the officers in the top echelon of the organization reside outside of Clark. Will they ride on the shuttle transport to be provided, or use government-issued cars Then, millions of public money will go to the cost of their comfortable living accommodation and transportation, as well.


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