Philippines, one of ten most dangerous countries for Journalists – PEC


According to the Press Emblem Campaign, below are the ten most dangerous countries for journalists in the world:

1 Syria – 88
2 Pakistan – 55
3 Iraq – 46
4 Mexico – 46.
5 Somalia – 42
6 Brazil – 36
7 Philippines – 34
8 Honduras – 26
9 India – 25
10 Libya – 20

These ten countries account for two thirds of the total death toll since 2011 (415 of 643) (updated 31 December, 2015)

The Geneva based press watchdog Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) on Monday said 135 journalists were killed in 33 countries last year, warning the risks remain very high for 2016.

PEC Monday updated its 2015 annual report, which published on Dec. 14, due to five more journalists were killed at the end of the year.

In 2014, PEC registered 138 journalists killed for the whole year. The figure for 2015 is only a small drop of three casualties, which is a decrease of 2 percent.

Two thirds of the victims were killed in ten countries this year. The most dangerous country was Syria with 13 journalists killed, followed by Iraq and Mexico where ten journalists were killed in each country.

Nine journalists were killed in France and eight in Libya, Philippines and Brazil. Seven journalists were killed in each of the following countries: India, South Sudan and Yemen. South Sudan and Yemen are new this year among the most dangerous places for media work.

PEC said the past four years have been the deadliest for journalists in ten years. However, PEC concerned that terrorists acts and the fight against terrorism all around the world may rise further in 2016 and lead to more journalists killed, wounded, kidnapped, detained and harassed.

The press watch dog called UN to enforce stronger investigation and accountability mechanisms to fight against impunity.


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