This flying preacher remind us of the hoverboard priest

smileredunhappyRemember the Filipino priest who celebrated a mass rolling around using a hoverboard? Yes, he was Fr. Albert San Jose of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal parish of Binan in Laguna.

His hoverboard mass video became viral but received flack from some netizens and the Catholic hierarchy.

Eventually, the priest have to issue an apology and owned for the mistake.

For Catholics, such an act is a No! NO!

But not for other Christian denominations who try to do something to impress their congregation however it is ridiculous, uncomfortable and uncalled for.

Sometimes it has to be done to generate renewed interest and then, more donations.

On Sunday, the head pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi, was shown ‘virtually flying” above his brethren while delivering a portion of his sermon.

The video was posted on the congregations’ social page which has gone viral.

Pastor Orr hanging on a line evokes quirky scene instead of solemnity.

Marsha Lukban


This pastor wants to become an entertainer.  A shameful circus act, leave it to others. Have watched the video, poor performance.

Delfin Cruz

sr. high student

Good to remind him: “If you have nothing to do, don’t do it here.”  Total  FAIL at doing a David Copperfield.


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