Kristo, The longest running live street play in Calabanga returns

CALABANGA, Cam.Sur, March 31 — Kristo, the longest running live street play here is being staged during the Catholic observation of the Semana Santa. It is a play given life by hometown actors for the past 22 years. Participants and the people behind says, “and counting,” giving assurance that it will run every year for many to see and appreciate. The play further bolstered the town’s stature as the lenten tourist capital of Bicol.


Kristo (Christ) is staged in designated areas in the town center, but also include the main streets, where running scenes occur.

Other than the play, tourists and devotees also flock to the chapel in Barangay Sta. Salud where the venerated image of the Hinulid lies. It is the all-time crowd drawer way before and beyond the Good Friday procession.

Looking back into the immediate past, snippets of the Passion of Christ street play in video below:


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