“Agaton” strand thousands of passengers and vehicles in Matnog


LEGAZPI CITY — About 7,500 passengers and 445 vehicles composed of 251 trucks, 128 buses and 66 cars have been stranded at the Matnog port in Sorsogon, the Office of Civil Defense said Friday.

The number of stranded passengers at the Matnog port surged due to shortage of ferry boats operating at the port and the turbulent seas prevailing there, according to Rafael Bernardo Alejandro, OCD Bicol regional director.

In Irosin, Sorsogon, alone, the neighboring town of Matnog, at least 128 trucks and trailers have been stranded along the Maharlika Highway, waiting for the go-signal to proceed to Matnog port.

At least four ferry boats are operating in Matnog port but these vessels cannot operate in a 24-hour basis due to the gale warning spawned by tropical depression “Agaton”, Alejandro said.

Ferry boats plying the Matnog-Allen Samar routes operate only during day time. (PNA)

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One thought on ““Agaton” strand thousands of passengers and vehicles in Matnog”

  1. Natural calamities are becoming a “regular” in the country, almost like clockwork. The government and its agenciies may it be local, provincial, regional, national, should have come up with a ready and working plan always. It would seem that each time a disaster/ calamity wreaks havoc, the agencies are groping in the dark. What are the distaster councils for, maybe to tally the effects of the calamity rather than do preemptive measures to mitigate or lessen the effect and discomfort of the citizenry?

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