UN body adopts resolution against IS terrorist attacks


The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Friday, calling on all countries to coordinate efforts to prevent further terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (IS) and similar groups.

The unanimously-adopted resolution calls upon member states that have the capacity to do so to “take all necessary measures” to “redouble and coordinate their efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist acts” committed by IS and other terrorist groups.

The resolution “unequivocally condemns in the strongest terms” the horrifying IS terrorist attacks in Sousse, Ankara, Sinai, Beirut and Paris, and other attacks including hostage-taking and killing, terming “all such acts of terrorism as a threat to peace and security.”

It also expresses sympathy to the people and governments of Tunisia, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon and France, and to all governments whose citizens were targeted in the above mentioned attacks and all other victims of terrorism.

IS has been conducting terrorist acts in different countries. The most recent ones that have shocked the world are the Paris attacks which took place on last Friday, in which about 130 people were killed and many more were injured.(PNA)


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