Sing and dance talent not persona non grata, gets new treat from Albay instead

LEGAZPI CITY, Feb. 27 — Calls and suggestions to declare Xian Lim as persona non grata in Albay, which was first suggested and mentioned on this site, yet Governor Joey Sarte Salceda did not yield, saying doing so contradicts their campaign to promote Albay. The tsinito charm and attraction of Xian Lim may have gotten into the governor.


After the unfortunate event related by Atty. Carol Sabio, the chief of staff of the governor, Salceda went on a rampage in social media posting updates with #iamheretopromoteAlbay, obviously referring to the frustrating declaration of the talent with “I do not want to promote Albay!” attitude.

Salceda said this tagline will not be the new tourism slogan of Albay, instead, it is just their way of showing Albayanos are still optimistic in negative situations.

“It is still ‘Warm Albay, Warm People’… we are just trying to make the best out of an unfortunate and undeserved situation,” he added.

Instead of punishing Lim, Albay will have to spend more for the talent for him to come back all expenses paid again by the government.

“I have accepted the apology of Xian Lim, however, I gave a condition as part of his penance,” Salceda said. He said Lim had degraded the tourism of the province, therefore, he has to help in its promotion.

Sabio said the province will shoulder the expenses of the actor while doing the “amazing race” they have lined up for him by visiting the province’s tourist spots such as: 1. Lake Danao in Polangui where the smallest fish, the sinarapan, is found; 2. Oas Church; 3. General Simeon Ola Museum in Guinobatan; 4. Sunflower plantation and Kawakawa hills in Ligao City; 5. Cagsawa ruins; 6. all-terrain vehicle ride at Mayon Volcano lava walls; 7. Nuestro Porteria Church in Daraga 8. To eat “sili” ice cream; 9. Lignon Hills that affords a view of the whole Albay, Legazpi City; 10. Mayon Rest House in Tabaco City; 11. Vera Falls in Malinao; 12. DJC halo-halo restaurant; and 13. Nuestra Senora de Salvacion in Tiwi town where he must pray.

There is something definitely wrong and out of sync somewhere with someone here. Considering that the province has just let go of P350,000 talent fee without bidding and all. Albay has some explaining to do. Where is good governance, after all? Albay is in a spell by some fairy.


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