US MAINSTREAM MEDIA consistent with LIES on its daily news opinion digs

OAN Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler
Screen grab of OAN Tipping Point host Liz Wheeler

Meanwhile, the western mainstream media (MSM) keeps its toes upright lying on its coverage, selective and discriminates against Catholics and Christians, all throughout.

Of course, I am referring to the United States’ socialist if not leftist big media reportage of events, more so on politics that are not in consonance with its preferred narrative.

As an example, let’s take a watch on the latest from the San Diego-based network One America News.

In our continuing coverage of overseas events, more on American culture and politics, as we find it amusing and much of interest, we share the clip below.

But first don’t skip while watching because on 1:44, OAN reveals that “the state of California is trying to force a Catholic charity called Children of the Immaculate Heart to house transgender women (which means biological men who identifies as women) in the same room as sex-trafficked teen age girls. . . . The charity owns a refuge home for minors. Teen age girls who had been sex-trafficked, some of whom were raped ten times a day. And the state of California hates Catholics and Christians so much they are trying to force the charity to violate their religious belief on gender and life, or else, the state is refusing the charity the license to operate the refuge home and help the abused girls.”

OAN is so right!


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